Sign Types

Custom Business Sign Types

Choosing the sign for your business is vitally important particularly to a retail business, when it comes time to order your sign these are some of the things you need to consider.  You want a sign that helps establish your brand and lures your customers in.  There are dozens of different sign types that you can choose from, so let’s breakdown the custom business sign types for your business.

Custom Business Sign Types

Fabric Signs

This is your cheapest option and you can make the very colorful and unique but they aren’t exactly built to last you will have to replace them at some point.  Vinyl and nylon banners are between $5-$10 a square foot but you will pay more for the heavy duty sun resistant signs.  You can order them from your local sign maker and have them delivered in a couple of days.

Painted Wood Signs

These are fairly common, walk through the business district of any city and you will see lots of painted wood signs.  They are affordable and you can get very creative with your logos, paint and the fonts you choose.  The price of the sign will be affected by the size, the type of wood and how detailed the sign is.  Wood will fade in the sun and be affected by weather so be prepared to replace the sign every couple of years.

Metal Lettering

These signs are three dimensional and the different textures and shadows make them look interesting.  Again the price of the sign will depend on the size and the type of metal you choose.  Bear in mind that these signs will also need to be installed and there may be a charge for that as well. are experts at metal lettering. You might want to consider having them lit up, especially if your business is open after dark.  You want your customers to be able to find you.

Glass Tube Light Signs

These are high end business signs and are going to cost you some money.  Custom tubing signs depending on the design and the size can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.  Big complex signs will require some upkeep and you need to remember that before buying one.  These signs can be pretty delicate and you can have the sign damaged by weather or vandalism.  They look stunning but it will be expensive to repair.

These are just some of the many options that you have when it comes to finding a sign for your business.  Take some time and talk with your local sign company to find a solution that works for branding and budget.